Do Divorce Cases Have to Be Complicated and Expensive?

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Do Divorce Cases Have to Be Complicated and Expensive?

Let me start by saying divorce cases don’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, at our firm we regularly handle divorce matters for $1200 including filing fees (and even this is often paid in payments). The key to keeping the costs down is really the parties cooperating with one another. Even if the case involves complicated issues, if the parties cooperate the legal fees can be greatly minimized. Conflict and hostility are the harbingers of large legal fees. Of course, there are times where agreement simply is not possible. In these cases it’s important to try to at least simplify the contested issues. It’s one thing to argue about a simple matter, such as how much child support should be, and another to argue about something like who should be awarded primary custody of the child.

If you’re trying to keep the costs down, call and give us a chance to help you evaluate your matter. Let us suggest some ideas that can simplify your case, or maybe help you reach an agreement – and keep those legal fees down.

Of course, if your matter isn’t simple, or isn’t agreed. We can help you there also. Our firm handles all types of contested custody and property cases, and we stand ready to assist you with all of your litigation needs.

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