Divorce – I Just Don’t Know Where to Start

Confused About Divorce“Divorce”. It’s a hard word for most married people to say – or hear. It’s even harder when you’re going through it – and don’t want to be. “I don’t know where to start”, is something we hear a lot. The answer really depends on the kind of case you have. How long have you been married? Are both spouses working? Have the spouses separated? Are there children? An experienced family law attorney can help you sort through the matters that are most important and help you reach a place where you can have some peace of mind.

So if you find yourself asking how to get started – pick up a pen, or sit down in front of a computer or your smartphone, and start listing out your questions and concerns. Think about the thing you most want to achieve through a divorce. What about the thing you most want to avoid. Are there private things you don’t want to become public? List it all out. Then contact a competent family attorney to talk. Of course, we suggest the experienced and compassionate family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Carroll & Hinojosa. Call us and let us help. (210) 714-2425.

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