A Simple Outline of the Divorce Process

Introduction One of the ways we help our clients deal with getting through their divorce cases is to help them understand the basic divorce process. For most people having an understanding of the process seems to help them, not only with their understanding of their options, but with their comfort level as well. The Petition [...]

August 3rd, 2015|Divorce|0 Comments

Do Divorce Cases Have to Be Complicated and Expensive?

Let me start by saying divorce cases don't have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, at our firm we regularly handle divorce matters for $1200 including filing fees (and even this is often paid in payments). The key to keeping the costs down is really the parties cooperating with one another. Even if the [...]

Divorce – I Just Don’t Know Where to Start

"Divorce". It's a hard word for most married people to say - or hear. It's even harder when you're going through it - and don't want to be. "I don't know where to start", is something we hear a lot. The answer really depends on the kind of case you have. How long have you [...]