We understand how difficult it is to make that first call to talk to someone about a divorce.  And we can help.  We are here to answer your questions and help you to start to get your arms around your legal concerns.  Most people tell us they feel much better after just a short initial intake with our staff and an attorney. Read More
Child custody matters are, without question, among the most difficult cases that divorce lawyers handled. These cases are not only often the most factually and legally complicated matters, but they are also the most emotionally charged…Read More
Every divorce case is a property case.  But for people who have been married for many years, and for those who have significant assets, the property aspect of their case case be the greatest concern.  Call now and let us help you get your arms around the legal issues you should consider in your particular case.Read More

For over 15 years Carroll and Hinojosa lawyers have been helping clients in San Antonio and South Texas with their divorce cases.  From the most contentious and hotly contested custody cases to the most complicated and intricate property matters, our divorce attorneys have been handling them for years.  But even skill and experience are not enough when it comes to selecting a divorce lawyer.  You need someone who is able to listen to you and hear what you are really asking and what you really want and need.  We never forget it’s your life.  It’s your case.

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Is a prenuptial agreement a good idea for you?  That really depends.  What is your property situation like.  What is your partner’s property situation like?  How do you expect that your future property and income will be accumulated?  All these questions play a part in determining whether or not a property agreement is a good idea for you.  Call now and let us walk you through some of these questions and help you decide whether or not a marital agreement is good for you.

Getting divorced doesn’t mean the parties have to fight.  In fact, many divorces are accomplished with the parties cooperating, or at least, not fighting about everything.  The difficulty and cost of a divorce is directly related to the issues on which the parties can reach agreement.  Call us and let us explain how this – “agreed divorce” thing works.

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